Diamond Lawn Care Services prides itself in communication and integrity. From inception, we have committed to the promise of “no contracts” so we give you a price “per service.” During that service visit, we mow, edge, weed eat, trim, blow and spray landscape beds… as needed. For example, your lawn might not need to be mowed but we may spray all the weeds in the beds heavy and trim all of your bushes… we will do the work needed.

Diamond does not mow in the rain, nor do we mow if your yard is too soft for our mowers. We will wait for the lawn to dry up before we mow again as you would not want ruts in your sod from our mower tires. 

These are the averages of visits you will have with Diamond Lawn Care Services ranges from 25-30. Each property varies depending on the number of shrubs, the number of beds, and the number of trees.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
1-2 1-2 1-2 2-3 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 2-3 1-2 2-3

In the fall and winter, when the grass is dormant so we have time to work on items that we do not have time to do in the growing season. We thin and limb up (make sure nothing is touching the ground), and prune dead out of shrubs, clean out and define the landscape beds, ferret vine roots and dig them out, prune lantana and small grasses, etc. An assessment will be done to see if there is enough work to be done around the property to warrant a service. If not, we will make a note to check it the next time we are in the area. You only get a  charge when we complete a service. Please refer to the chart above for the number of services to expect each month. 

We do not pause services in the fall and winter as there are tasks that need to be performed that we do not have time to do in the spring and summer. You may not be a good fit for us it you wish to pause services in the fall and resume in the spring. If we agree to pause service, a spring cleanup fee WILL be assessed before starting regular maintenance, if we have any slots available at that time.

List of services that will be performed per visit as needed:

  • Mow all turf areas as needed

  • Trim all areas inaccessible to mower with line trimmer (spray around wires and up close to fences and vinyl siding

  • Edge all walkways, driveways & landscape beds as needed

  • Trim (shape) shrubs as needed (we typically trim one side per visit)

  • Weedwack, pull and/or spray weeds in landscape beds as needed (if it is a particularly rainy season, we suggest customers to spray roundup in between visits.)

  • Blow all resulting clippings with a blower

  • Remove a maximum of one trash can of debris, per visit

Not included in the “per visit” maintenance and are subject to additional charges:

  • Yearly pruning shrubs, grasses and trees to enable healthy growth and blooms in the spring

  • Renewal pruning

  • Yearly pruning of Crepe Myrtles, Vitex/Chaste Tree, Butterfly Bush etc

  • Mulch and/or pine straw

  • Irrigation checks or adjustments

  • Chemical Program: Fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, pre-emergent for turf

  • Removing dead shrubs