Landscape Cleanup Services in Bluffton, SC

Leaf Cleanup

Need a leaf cleanup or debris removal in your lawn or landscaping in Bluffton SC?

Contact Diamond Lawn Care for a free leaf cleanup quote.

Diamond Lawn Care Services uses mulching blades while cleaning up leaves. Mulching leaves with a mulching mower saves our customers time and money by not having to dispose of the leaves. Mulching is faster and far easier on the back than raking. It’s also easier on your wallet. The decomposing leaves and grass also cover the soil between the individual grass blades where weeds can germinate.

Most people think that lawn care is easier in the fall and winter. Truth is, leaf cleanups are time-consuming. We charge a small fee in addition to the maintenance fee depending on how long it takes us. Diamond Lawn Care can also REMOVE and dispose of the leaves from a leaf clean up as we have a leaf vacuum that attaches to our mower.

man cleaning up leaves with backpack blower

Storm Debris Cleanup

Looking for a storm cleanup company to purge your property of debris left after a severe storm wreaked havoc in your yard? We take pride in sprucing up your property to make it look beautiful once again and also ensure that it is better prepared for future inclement weather conditions.

Strong winds or thunderstorms can uproot trees and fall on to your property, causing considerable damage to houses, phone lines, power lines or even creating an electrical hazard. We are prepared for any such situation, with our hurricane preparedness plans involving tree trimming before the onset of hurricane season in order to eliminate overload of clean-up and debris removal later. If a storm has damaged your yard, with twigs, dead limbs and branches, leaves and other debris littering the property, you can depend on us to take care of the problem.

We understand how damaging a natural catastrophe can be to your property and how important your yard is to you. We work hard to prepare your property for future natural catastrophes, offering fast and effective storm cleanup services. With us, you can expect a clean, well kept yard, with trimmed trees, to prevent similar disaster in the future and give you peace of mind.

We are fully equipped with cutting-edge techniques and equipment to provide a fast cleanup of debris and stump removal. We have teamed up with a local tree company experienced in handling high end equipment to assist with these services.

Instead of taking the burden of cleaning up the mess yourself, rely on a professional storm cleanup company in the Bluffton / Okatie area with a proven track record of ensuring complete satisfaction for its clients. At Diamond Lawn Care, our team knows how to be prepared for a storm or hurricane and has great expertise that will prove a wise investment for you.

  • Partially uprooted trees
  • Branches, limbs, and leaning trees on vehicles or roof
  • Split branches hanging by a thread
  • Broken limbs hung up in other limbs
  • Uprooted trees against another tree
  • Uprooted trees on the road
  • Tree debris

We respond in a timely manner and carry out the necessary course of action.