What is Lawn Care Maintenance?

Homeowners have two options when it comes to yard care. They can either pay to have a “cheaper” company mow and blow the grass once a week, or they can hire the professional choice, which may actually cost less. With a professional lawn care company, not only are you getting a better quality of work and better value for your money, but you also have access to more services.

In Bluffton, the most trusted name in lawn maintenance is Diamond Lawn Care Services. We never charge more than we have to and we always do more than any other local company. When your lawn needs more than a mower, you need us!

Lawn Maintenance

Many people only focus on how tall their grass is when it comes time to finding a lawn maintenance company. So often, the landscape beds and shrubs get forgotten, the weeds get out of hand. But that only helps for so long. Weeds, anthills, insects, and broken sprinkler heads are common problems, and many discount companies don’t know or care to know how to handle them. When you need to be absolutely sure that all of your lawn care needs are taken care of, you need to call us first.

Don’t Live with Bad Yards!

Whether you have grass that has burned out and stopped growing or bushes and shrubs that have gotten out of control, we can get your lawn looking better than ever. Whether you need regular yard maintenance or one-time yard cleanups, we have you covered. No yard care issue is too big for us!

Whether your yard is grass or gravel, it can benefit from quality yard care services. Whether weeds are taking over or you need your shrubs shaped, we can do it all.

Sun City after removing tree and installing new sod