Our Landscape Design is One-of-a-kind in the Lowcountry.

Diamond Lawn Care teams up with other local businesses often and landscape design is one of those tasks.

If you’re sick of having a bland, generic yard, you should consider having professional landscape design with our designer. They can create a design for you reusing existing plants or re-sculpt, plant, or completely overhaul your yard, making it look the way you’ve always wanted it to look.

Our designer lives in Bluffton, SC. They not only have the “head’ knowledge but “hands-on” knowledge of which plants do best in this area, which plants are ACTUALLY deer resistant, and more. Let us design, plan, and create some concepts for you.

Check out our before and after page for some radical transformations.

Sun City North after landscape design and rock border

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Concept to Creation

landscape designer in action

Landscape design is more than just trimming or pruning your yard and bushes. First, we will survey your yard and consult with you on the project. Second, our Landscape Design expert will draw plans and go over changes with you.

Lastly, our installation team will implement and execute your landscape design. When done correctly, uses a combination of plants, lights, and specialty pieces to create stunning landscape design themes and focal points. Not only does quality landscape design make your home look beautiful; it will add value to your house!

Landscape design can’t be achieved by just anyone. It takes a long time to perfect the techniques that go into transforming an average home into a residential oasis. Discount companies may advertise “landscape design” but they only sculpt the shape of existing plants, shrubs, and bushes.

More Landscape Architecture

With professional landscape design, you’re getting more than just a pretty yard; you’re getting a total yard aesthetic that can’t be beat. Whether you’re trying to soften your homes edges or you want your yard to you need stonework installed, we can do it all.

With the right team handling your landscape design, we combine your desired effect with the proper plants. Certain types of trees, shrubs, and flowers just aren’t meant to grow in the lowcountry. However, no matter what your vision is for your front or back yard, we’ll make sure we bring it to life.

After tree removal and new sod

Our Garden Services Will Make Your House & Home Come Alive!

There are many different types of gardens and specialty gardens that you can choose. Whether you’re trying to grow a specific type of plant, start a vegetable garden, or have a fun fantasy-themed space, we can help build them all! No matter what your style or need is, we can get your specialty garden built quickly and easily.

Many lawn care companies only focus on trimming your plants. But at Diamond Lawn Care Services we are always looking to make your yard truly become a part of your home. From creating shaded spaces to read outside to exciting entertainment spaces for get-togethers and parties, we can help you better than anyone else in Bluffton or Okatie, SC.

Any Garden You Desire

As the trend becomes increasingly popular, so has the amount of different varieties of specialty gardens. In fact, new ones are created every day. Whether you’re looking for a woodland wonderland, a tropical oasis, or a low-water rocky garden space, we can install it for you.

We have seen and installed many types of specialty gardens over the years, and no matter what style you need, we can install it for less. Call us when you’re looking for:

  • Shaded Spaces Gardens
  • Moon Gardens
  • Whimsical Fairy Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Climate Themed Gardens
  • Herb Gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Water Features
  • And more!

If you saw a specific specialty garden on Pinterest or in a magazine, we can do our best to match it for you. Or, if all you have is a general idea or rough sketch, we can help bring your creation to life. If you want a specialty garden around a specialty pool, let us know.

Sun City after design and install

We Install Palm Trees

In the lowcountry, you see palm trees everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean that they are easy to plant; in fact, during the planting process, installing palm trees are surprisingly easy to injure or kill.

When you need to install a new palm tree the correct way, contact Diamond Lawn Care Service. We can maximize the chance of your new palm trees to take to their new home, growing healthy and strong for years to come.

Palm trees are tricky because they have a more slender trunk and thinner roots. They’re also meant to be planted in sandy soils, making it that much harder to get them to welcome their new residential lawn home, especially in an area with as much clay soil as we have.

We install Chinese fan palms, coontie palmsEuropean fan palmsmule palmsneedle palmspindo palmspygmy date palmssabal palmsdwarf sabal palmssago palmsSylvester palmswashingtonia palms, and windmill palms. Not sure which one you want or what palm will fit in your landscape best? Consider a landscape design first.
Installed Palm from Taylors Nursery in Cypress Ridge Bluffton

Why Quality Matters

Install Sabal Palm in Bluffton

A lot can happen in the planting process that can damage or kill your palm trees. The trunk can be damaged, leading to the rest of the tree suffering. The smaller roots can easily be damaged or even pulled out, leaving the tree with next to nothing to dig into the soil. Planting them incorrectly, even in nutrient-rich soil, can cause them to burn out and whither, even if you follow all of the planting rules!

When you have a new palm tree that needs to be installed, you need a company with the experience to plant it the right way. We know which sections of your yard will be the best home for your tree, and which ones will most definitely wind up killing it. The difference in tree planting and installation services become quickly obvious; don’t find out the hard way. Use the trusted choice in palm installation in Bluffton!

Palm tree planting is necessary for either young trees or existing ones that you are having moved. Trees weren’t designed to be moved from one spot to another, so when you find yourself in that position, you need a company who will take every precaution they can to ensure they survive the trip.

Install palm trees with confidence by choosing us! We’ll always make sure you get the best installation possible.