Our Landscape Design is One-of-a-kind in the Lowcountry.

If you’re sick of having a bland, generic yard, you should consider having professional landscape design from Diamond Lawn Care Services. We can re-sculpt, plant, or completely overhaul your yard, making it look the way you’ve always wanted it to look.

We specialize in Lowcountry homes, beachfront high end homes and commercial properties that want something special. Most people have no idea what they want their new home’s landscape architecture to look and feel like. Let us design, plan, and create some concepts for you.

Concept to Creation

Landscape design is more than just trimming or pruning your yard and bushes. First we will survey your yard and consult with you on the project. Second, our Landscape Architecture expert will draw plans and go over changes with you.

Lastly, our installation team will implement and execute your landscape design. When done correctly, uses a combination of plants, lights and specialty pieces to create stunning landscape design themes and focal points. Not only does quality landscape design make your home look beautiful; it will add value to your house!

Landscape design can’t be achieved by just anyone. It takes a long time to perfect the techniques that go into transforming an average home into a residential oasis. Discount companies may advertise “landscape design” but they only sculpt the shape of existing plants, shrubs, and bushes.

More Landscape Architecture

With professional landscape design, you’re getting more than just a pretty yard; you’re getting a total yard aesthetic that can’t be beat. Whether you’re trying to soften your homes edges or you want your yard to you need stonework installed, we can do it all.

With the right team handling your landscape design, we combine your desired effect with the proper plants. Certain types of trees, shrubs, and flowers just aren’t meant to grow in the lowcountry. However, no matter what your vision is for your front or back yard, we’ll make sure we bring it to life.

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