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Growing a beautiful lawn represents a huge achievement because it’s not easy to do. It’s like playing chess or finally having getting that flat belly. The rules are simple, but success requires a long-term commitment and discipline that’s more than the average person can handle. You have to change the move out of the mind-set of lawn-as-hassle and imagine instead that you are carefully nurturing a delicate, sub-ankle-height vegetable garden: planting and watering and fertilizing it, harvesting it regularly and protecting it from biological micro-threats.

If you don’t have the time and want it done the right way, we are here to help achieve an amazing looking lawn. This is what we do and love. Diamond Lawn Care will give you results that your neighbors will want for their home. Call Diamond Lawn Care today and have your lawn looking beautiful and manicured.

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I was very pleased with Mike’s help. I was building a chicken coop and needed to haul wood too big for car. He met me at Home Depot–was there when I arrived!!!–and immediately delivered the items to my home. He was so pleasant too! So smooth! Thanks!

Michele J

Lovely and hard working people. I love you Karen Smith! You, Mike, and your team made my week by fixing our yard and you even wore a smile while you worked!

Andrea Snyder

I was in need of a lawn care service and stopped diamond lawn care while they were in my neighborhood one day and asked if they were able to take on another client . The next Friday they showed up at my house and have been constantly ever since . Service is great and they are super friendly .

Bryant Turner

Karen and her crew are super friendly and do good work. she visited our house first and gave a quote with no surprises and was happy to find a cadence that worked for us. would definitely recommend!

Mike Turner

Platinum customer service!! When my husband was sick NO. Landscaping company kept their appointment. As a single woman they came out right away, worked within my budget and sent me pictures of every completed job. They respond immediately to Every question, text and email. I wish everyone operated their business like Karen does.

Terri Alotto

Excellent customer service and very professional. I arranged for lawn care service from out of town and Karen provided me with service options to meet our needs. Thank you!

Ali Ward Van Dillen
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