Tree Removal Services

Diamond Lawn Care Services is excited to announce that we partnered with a tree removal and pruning company out of Bluffton, SC. We now have a company to do tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning for both residential and commercial properties.

From simple tree or shrub trimming to analyzing the health of your trees or performing an emergency tree removal, they will always provide you with a fair price and extraordinary service. They’re local, and they will be here when you need them.

Tree Removal
Tree removal


With the frequent fast-moving severe storms we experience in the Bluffton and Okatie areas during the summer, along with the yearly threat of named storms & hurricanes, we understand you may need immediate emergency tree service. We can help!


Are your live oaks, palms, or pines getting shaggy and out of hand? Call us for expert tree pruning! You won’t believe how much better your property will look with properly trimmed trees and shrubs. The other benefit to thinning out and limbing up a large tree is that your grass will get more light and grow better.

Trimming a Tree in Sun City
Tree Damage Root Rot


It’s sometimes impossible to tell if a tree is dying from just looking at the outside of it. We specialize in performing a thorough tree inspection and structural analysis to determine if a tree is in fact healthy, or poses a potentially hazardous threat to people or structures. We have access to one of the most respected arborists in the area to diagnose tree problems. If you are trying to remove a protected grand live oak, you will need an arborist report to submit to the county and/or your HOA or POA to be allowed to remove it.


If you’ve had a tree removed and want to get rid of the remaining portion of the tree, we can perform stump grinding for you. Stump grinding will get rid of the protruding stump, as well as help prevents the regrowth of the tree. Grinding a stump will result in large amounts of chipped wood that can be used on-site as mulch or removed and disposed of. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment!

We arrange Southern Crab Stump Grinding to grind your stumps after the tree company is finished removing the tree.