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In the lowcountry, you will see palm trees everywhere. However, that doesn’t mean that they are easy to plant; in fact, palm trees are surprisingly easy to injure or kill, especially during the planting process.

When you need a new palm tree installed the correct way, you need Diamond Lawn Care Service (DLCS) to do it for you. We can maximize the chance of your new palm trees to take to their new home, growing healthy and strong for years to come.

Palm trees are tricky because they have a more slender trunk and thinner roots. They’re also meant to be planted in sandy soils, making it that much harder to get them to welcome their new residential lawn home.

Why Quality Matters

A lot can happen in the planting process that can damage or kill your palm trees. The trunk can be damaged, leading to the rest of the tree suffering. The smaller roots can easily be damaged or even pulled out, leaving the tree with next to nothing to dig into the soil. Planting them incorrectly, even in nutrient-rich soil, can cause them to burn out and whither, even if you follow all of the planting rules!

When you have a new palm tree that needs to be installed, you need a company with the experience to plant it the right way. We know which sections of your yard will be the best home for your tree, and which ones will most definitely wind up killing it. The difference in tree planting and installation services become quickly obvious; don’t find out the hard way. Use the trusted choice in palm installation in Bluffton!

Young or Old Trees

Palm tree planting is necessary for either young trees or existing ones that you are having moved. Trees weren’t designed to be moved from one spot to another, so when you find yourself in that position, you need a company who’ll ensure they survive the trip.

Install with confidence by choosing us! We’ll always make sure you get the best installation possible each time you call us.

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