New Sod Installation Instructions

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It is our goal to make sure you are happy with the final product, and we are here to help in any way we can at any time. Any questions please feel free to email us at

  • Water requirements: 1-2 times a day for the first 2 weeks. Every other day during the third week. Normal watering scheduling is usually resumed during week 4.
  • Irrigation: All irrigation work will be completed by Mike Keating with Absolute Irrigation. He will bill separately. He can be reached at (843) 816-3344. The irrigation check (for up to 6 zones) will cost $50 plus the cost to repair, replace or move sprinkler heads. We cannot guarantee the new sod without this check and for him to set the irrigation. He will set a special program for the sod as well as come back to “put it back to normal.” Adjusting it will void any warranty. His normal rate is $60/Labor + parts.
  • Chemical Needs: Kevin Morgan with Evergreen Turf will be by to spray the new sod with a spectracide to give the sod the best chance of survival. We recommend you sign up for his lawn program. Call 843-816-1673 for details.
  • Refunds: The deposit to schedule the work is 100% refundable if the job is cancelled 48 hours before the work begins. Once the work is completed any refund is at the sole discretion of Diamond Lawn Care and on a case by case basis.
  • Warranty: We offer a 30 day warranty to replace any sod that may not have “taken root.” After 30 days, sod pieces will be installed at the rate of $7 each. Any adjustments made to the irrigation system after Absolute Irrigation sets it will void any warranty mentioned above.

Additional Notes: Once the work is completed, and the sod is down we will work with you to help see that the sod becomes established by assisting with watering schedules, etc. We try very hard to stay on top of any needs the grass may have during that time, however please note that we cannot be there every day to check on it so pictures via email or text messages can be very helpful if you have any concerns. Ultimately for the sod to do its best, the homeowner should be home to make sure the irrigation is running at the appropriate times, and to do any additional watering if necessary. Once the sod has taken root it, we have done our job. We can not be responsible for any sod that does not live due to neglect (ie. Improper watering, insects, fungus).

* Due to the fluctuation of sod prices any quotes given are only good for 60 days. Upon completion of the project the deposit received will go toward the final total, and the remaining balance will be required the day the work is finished. 

** Work dates may need to be moved due to weather, delay in receiving the sod, etc. 

*** Additional spot watering with a water hose or portable sprinkler may be required by the homeowner if the weather is dry or hot. The grass will not have any roots for the first 3-4 weeks so for it to be able to take up water to survive the top MUST stay wet.

New Zoysia Sod in Sun City

Contact phone numbers:

Absolute Irrigation

Mike Keating

(843) 816-3344

Evergreen Turf

Kevin Morgan

(843) 816-1673