Q- How do I request an estimate?
A- Fill out our request for estimate form or send an email to info@diamondlawncareservices.com or Call or text us at (843)816-0597. We will need your name, address, email, phone as well as to what service you are requesting.

Q- Do I need to be home for my estimate?
A- No. As long as we can access your back yard and your pets are secured.

Q- Can I get a quote over the phone?
A- We do not give estimates over the phone. We need to see your property in order to give a fair and accurate estimate.

Q- What’s included in your mowing services?
A- Lawn mowing; trim all areas inaccessible to mower with line trimmer (spray around wires); edge all walkways, driveways & landscape beds as needed; trim shrubs as needed (we typically trim one side per visit); weedwack, pull and/or spray weeds in landscape beds as needed (if rain is anticipated later that day, spray is not applied). We suggest customers to spray roundup in between visits; blow all resulting clippings with a blower;
remove a maximum of one trash can of debris, per visit;

Q- What if the grass doesn’t need to be mowed?
A- We may not have do every single task, every single time. For example, your lawn might not need to be mowed but we may hand pull all the weeds in the beds and trim 50% of your bushes… we do what is needed.

**If you are on a bi-weekly schedule and the grass is growing too much in-between visits, you will be asked to receive weekly services until the growth slows down.

Q- How do I pay for my services?
A- We bill on the 15th of the month for any completed services performed from the 16th of the previous month to that day.  Our payment options are cash, check, online through your banks’ bill pay service, Venmo (contact us for the code), debit or credit cards through Stripe (there is a 3% convenience fee), PayPal ($5 per transaction), PopMoney (info@diamondlawncareservices.com or 843-816-0597… we believe it costs $0.50).

Q- When is my payment due?
A- Our invoices are due upon receipt but we do give you 25 days to submit payment. If your invoice is not paid within 25 days, a $20.00 late fee will be added to your next invoice.

Q- How do I pay for work other than lawn care, such as landscaping work, pine straw, or mulch installation?
A- All major work (landscaping, pine straw, mulch, etc.) requires a 50% deposit and the additional 50% is due the day of work completion.

Q- If it’s raining on my scheduled date, when should I expect service?
A- It depends on the amount of rain that fell and how well your yard dries up. We will not risk damaging your yard by running our 700 lb mower over it unless we have a written note from you that you understand the risk and will not hold us liable.

Q- Can we request service on a specific day of the week or a specific time of the day?
A- We service specific locations on certain days of the week. We do not take the time of the day requests.

Q- Do I need to be home for services?
A- No. as long as access to the backyard is available.

Q- Can you still service my backyard if my dog is in the backyard and he does not bite or he is chained up.?
A- We cannot service the backyard if your pets are not secured in the house due to the safety of all personnel and your pet.

Q- Will the same crew service my property on all service visits?
A- Yes. The same crew will service all residential properties all the time.

Q- Should I water my lawn prior to a lawn mowing service visit?
A- For best results, please do not water your lawn the night before or the morning of scheduled service.

Q- I currently own property in the area, but do not live there. How do I know that you’re servicing my property?
A- We send an email to let you know when we have completed a service. If necessary, we can text a photo of your property to you at no additional cost if you are away to give you peace of mind.

Q- Can I call and skip a service visit?
A- If you skip a service visit, we will push your service possibly as much as a week. In the winter months, this is no problem but in the spring and summer growing season, there will be a surcharge of $15 for the additional time needed to service your property because of added growth of shrubs and grass.

Important information

  • Kids toys, trampolines, dog waste removal are the responsibility of the homeowner
  • If you are on an every other week schedule, 2 months out of the mowing season you will have 3 services in one month.
  • These are estimated prices and will vary based on terrain slope, trees, or excessive obstacles which can increase the cutting time.