What to Expect?

Diamond Lawn Care is now O’Hara Outdoors. Please visit https://www.oharaoutdoors.com/contact to request a quote.


Outdated as of 9/19/22:

When you fill out the request for quote form, you are asking for our opinion of what should be done with your lawn. You will receive an email letting you know that we have received your request successfully. Please make sure to add us to your approved sender list.

Since we are owner-operated, we have very small windows to do an estimate. It will sometimes take up to a week to get to your property.  In most cases, we do not need an appointment. We will knock and let you know we have arrived.  If there is no answer, we will leave a business card in the door and begin our evaluation. What we do is evaluate the needs of your property. You may have overgrown shrubs that need to be pruned, dead bushes that need to be removed, beds measured to replenish mulch or pine straw, or defining or even creating landscape beds. You may have new construction and think you do not need this. Even then, we will evaluate if the shrubs the builders put in will get too large for the area they are currently in and make suggestions.

We will send an estimate through our lawn care program and so please check your spam and/or junk mail over the next 1-2 weeks. Most all estimates will have 3 amounts. The first line is a detailed “Advanced First Time Service” quote. Second is a quote to refresh the landscape beds. Third is a price to maintain the property per visit AFTER the first time service is completed. Please click ACCEPT or DECLINE. If you have any questions or need it adjusted before accepting it, simply reply to the quote.

If you have any special instructions or a specific scope of work, please include them on the form or send a followup email to info@diamondlawncareservices.com.  Let us know if you have any questions or require additional information.
SC Certified Landscape Professional