Lawn Care Maintenance in Bluffton at Diamond Lawn Care Service
… more than just lawn care

Diamond Lawn Care Services in Bluffton is more than just quality reliable landscaping. In addition to regular lawn care maintenance, we offer installation of mulch & pine straw, yard and leaf debris removal, sod, grading, tree removal.

  • Regular Lawn Maintenance
    • Reliable and professional quality lawn maintenance including mowing, weeding, edging, trimming, and blowing
  • Installation of Mulch and Pine Straw
    • Mulch reduces evaporation from soil surface, cutting water use by 25-50% so it stabilizes soil moisture and prevents soil compaction. It also helps cut down on the weeds and looks FABULOUS.
  • ​Lawn Debris and Leaf Removal
  • ​Storm Cleanup
  • ​Core Aeration​

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