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The Plan for October

Even with the temperatures still in the high 80’s, you need to start thinking about the winter time. This is the time of the year for pre-emergent for winter weeds. You will not see the weeds until December or January but they germinate this time of the year.

NOW IS THE TIME TO PREVENT THEM. It is also time to “winterize” your grass with fall lawn fertilizer which gives your lawn the food it needs for the winter time when it cannot produce its own food. We are applying both of these products at this time of the year.

The Usual Suspects…

WORMS: It was a hard summer with army worms and sod webworms on all grasses. The worm pressure is winding down but if you see signs of brown spots that get larger and larger, very quickly, there is a good possibility it might be worms. Give us a call and we will determine what you need. Time is of the essence with these insects!

Sod Webworm

The worst evidence is seen in late July and August and may be mistaken for drought stressed grass that has entered summer dormancy. You can determine it is webworm lawn damage by digging into the thatch and finding the silk lined tunnels. Alternately, mix two tablespoons of liquid dish soap with two gallons of water and soak an area of the lawn. Within minutes the tan spotted worms come to the surface and you will know the cause of the lawn damage.

Army Worm

You’ll never see them coming. Female moths will lay up to 2,000 tiny eggs right on the grass blades. The eggs hatch a few days later. At first, the tiny caterpillars are green with a black head, but as they devour the grass over a course of 14 days or so, they change to brown with white lines on the side and a reddish-brown head. They grow to more than an inch long. If you see this gobbling your grass, your lawn is in trouble.