Before and After pictures of work Diamond has done in Bluffton, SC

This is one of our most popular Sun City before and after pictures:

  • Extended the bed on the left
  • Replaced pine straw with black mulch
  • Installed a natural stone border
  • Replaced EVERYTHING
    • Crepe Myrtle, Sunshine Ligustrum, Drift Rose, Shishigashira Camellia, Mondo Grass, Society Garlic, Kaleidoscope Abelia, Lemon Ball Sedum, Encore Azalea, Mexican Heather, Muhly Grass

This is one of our favorite before and after pictures. This is a property in Sun City. We completed the following changes:

  • Removed river birch tree
  • Hardpruned loropetalum and camellia
  • Removed bottlebrush
  • Relocated 2 crape myrtle trees
  • Removed 3 trees on left
  • Relocated palm tree
  • Installed a 45 gallon pindo palm
  • Divided society garlic to save on costs
  • Installed all new plant material based on a landscape design

This is the same home taken from a different angle. We used the following:

  • Pindo Palm
  • Sunshine Ligustrum
  • Shishigashira Camellias
  • Purple Pixie Loropetalum
  • Lemon Ball Sedum
  • Society Garlic
  • Kaleidoscope Abelia
  • Jubilation Gardenia

This is one of the first cleanup and install jobs. A total transformation.

  • Relocated a large sabal palm
  • Arranged the removal of several trees
  • Relocated numerous shrubs and palms
  • Installed new empire zoysia sod
  • Installed large pine bark nuggets

This is a property in Sun City North that needed a lot of TLC. The builders put way too many viburnums in the front beds.

  • Replaced the oak with a windmill palm
  • Relocated crepe myrtle
  • Extended the landscape bed on left
  • Remove a total of 14 sweet viburnum!
  • Replaced pine straw with black mulch
  • Installed shrubs and flowers based on landscape design

This is the back yard of the above property in Sun City North. We ended up having to make a raised bed due to the amount of clay and bad drainage.

  • Created a figure eigh bed
  • Installed a pindo palm, sunshine ligustrum, sago palms, lemon ball sedum, vinca, loropetalums
  • Extended drip line all the way to the back yard to irrigate these new plants
  • Added black mulch

We had the pleasure of working with these two neighbors in Sun City that agreed to work together to make the following changes:

  • Removed large shrub
  • Installed new zoysia sod
  • Removed sago palms
  • Installed dwarf podocarpus
  • Installed fresh mulch

This is a property in the Mill Creek Cypress Ridge development who wanted to get rid of his centipede sod and replace it with empire zoysia sod.

Another example of two neighbors in Sun City working together to reduce the size of this Viburnum.

This was a very dreary bed when we first saw it. After cleaning it up and adding some black much, it looks very relaxing.

This is a property in Sandy Pointe off Buckwalter for an investor. We completed the following changes:

  • Regraded the entire property
  • Took out 2 dump trucks of dirt
  • Installed new centipede sod
  • Installed fresh long leaf pine straw
  • Limbed up sago palms

This is a property in May River Preserve. We  extended the bed, removed all the pine straw and installed fresh black mulch.

We installed the following plants:

  • Dwarf yaupon holly
  • Society garlic
  • Dwarf bottlebrush
  • Plumbago
  • Curcuma
  • Purple diamond loropetalum
  • Kaleidoscope abelia
  • Tonto Crepe Myrtle
  • Black and Blue Salvia

This property is in Pine Crest.

  • Removed some large wax myrtles
  • Redefined the beds
  • Added fresh pine straw

Sometimes you do not want to put a ton of money into a property before you put it on the market. Instead of installing new sod, we suggested he add winter rye grass, mulch and a couple of plants next to the front door walk and the difference is amazing.

This is a property in Hampton Hall. We removed some juniper and carissa holly. We added one podocarpus and a bunch of dianella / flax lily and added fresh pine straw.

This was I think our first cleanup that we did in 2015 Woodbridge and still have this client to this day. To say that these shrubs were overgrown was an understatement. We hard pruned many of these shrubs, defined the bed, refreshed the mulch.

This is the back yard to that same property in Woodbridge. This is one of those properties that has come a long way!

This Sun City property is a different as night and day. We removed a tree, installed new zoysia sod, removed shrubs, added flowers. What an improvement!

Diamond worked with a local designer on this property in Palmetto Bluff. The owner wanted some ideas on helping the drainage on that side of his property. We added some plants below, created a path out of 57 stone and added some fresh pine straw.

  • Muhly grass in pink and white
  • Plumbago
  • Dwarf Podocarpus

These trees on the other side were threatening to damage our clients fence in Alston Park in Bluffton. We vaulted the fence and cut the trees down and removed the debris.

This was another property where we worked with a local designer and the results speak for themselves. We removed all the weeds by hand and removed all the unwanted plants; We relocated a little gem magnolia, saw palmettos and gardenias. We tilled 3 yards of organic planting mix into the beds. We added the following plants:

  • Tuscarora Crepe Myrtle
  • Bottlebrush
  • Sunshine ligustrum
  • Blueberry bush
  • Muhly grass
  • Plumbago