Plant, shrub and tree warranty

Please note: Before we do the installation, we will have arranged a local, owner operated business to make the necessary changes and/or additions in your irrigation after we have planted every thing. It is included in our estimates as a line item that reads Irrigation (TBD) as they bill separately. 

To better serve you and keep initial costs down, we have changed our warranty policy for all plant sales. Our plant installations are done using industry standards ensuring our plants are given the best chance of survival in your landscape. As a result, on average we lose less than 5% of the plants planted in a year. Once the plants are installed, the burden to care for the new plants falls on the owner. As a result, we both share in the burden of caring for and helping the plants to survive.

Our warranty now better reflects the shared burden that, we as the installer and you the owner, have in caring for the new landscape plants.

Effective January 1, 2017 our warranty policy is as follows:

  • We will cover 50% of the cost of tree/shrub/perennial purchased & installed by us within 3 months from the date of installation.
  • We will cover 100% of the plant replacement cost including labor of any tree/shrub/perennial that dies within 30 days from the date installed.

Neglect (lack of watering/overwatering), acts of God (wind, flooding, lighting snow damage etc), animal grazing, herbicide overspray will not be covered under any circumstances.